• Regarding Fox Hybrid (while learning at home):


Q- How many minutes/hours per day will the students spend on the computer while at home online? I know ODE has set minimums, but what has our school elected to do?

A – We are working on determining the schedules and are learning more about Edgenuity, to determine how this will look.  ODE has set weekly minutes—about 2-3 hours a day but not all “online” or in front of a screen.


Q- How many minutes/hours per day will a teacher actually be teaching the student while at home online?  How many days per week will a teacher be instructing students while at home online?

A- This is also going to depend on schedules that are set up and grade level.


Q-Edgenuity is geared for high school (and to some extent middle school) kids. How will this program help support a 2nd grader? Will the teacher be using his/her own curriculum or something provided by Edgenuity?

A-Edgenuity purchased 3 programs for K-5 that include the curriculum, as well as an intervention and resource library.  This program is geared for K-12 education.


  • Hybrid Model (when students are able to be in-person): Info based on what we know now. This could change!


Q-Who will be teaching the students on their off days?

A-Combination of at home (home learning coach) or Ed. Asst. if needed.  Depends on what work they are doing.


Q-Will the off days be comprised of independent learning?



Q-Will the off days include new material for learning growth, or just busy work?

A- Picture a teacher teaching a lesson to whole class, then sending students to work independently—The independent part will be on the off days.


Q-How long will they actually be at school during the day?  The high school model has them there for only 3 classes, and gone by approx 1pm, taking their lunch with them.

A-Our plan is a full day.  May have to adjust start/end time for buses, parent pick-up, etc… But, will be minimal.


Q-What would the average day look like in class? i.e. stay in the same classroom the entire day (including lunch)? Recess? PE? Access to physical books? Masks?

A-Definitely will depend on what ODE guidance tells us prior to returning in-person.   We want it to look as normal as possible for kids with PE, recess.  We will have to have our Blueprints revised and approved prior to returning in-person, so parents would know in advance if they want to send their students back into the building.


Q-What if we don’t have stellar internet for connecting virtually?  Will packets be an option?

A-The current answer is there will not be packets available this year. In order to access the Edgenuity and Canvas programs, you need internet access.  But, I understand and have shared with the District Office staff that this could be an issue in our community due to number of people without strong internet connections.   If internet was an issue for you last year, please send me email/call and we can discuss further.


  • General Questions:

Q-Can my middle school student take any electives or electives being offered via SMS?

A-No, the schedules for each building are built around their students and the staffing that is provided.  We have to be able to provide appropriately licensed teachers to teach any courses.  If there is an elective course that one of our middle school teachers is qualified to teach and we have room in our master schedule, than it could be an option.


Q-When will we know what my child’s daily schedule will be?

A-We understand that many families are trying to figure out work schedules, daycare, etc…  As soon as we have that figured out as a district, I will share with families.


Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Q-Who is teaching what grades?  Will we continue with current grade configurations?

A-We are working on finalizing our class configurations, hopefully be the end of this week.  We continue to hear from families who have decided to homeschool or do other programs, so enrollment numbers are changing.


Q-If we go to hybrid with kids in class 2 days a week what happens if your kiddo is ill 1 or 2 of those days they are in class? Will the classes be recorded? If not how do they get caught up on what they will miss?

A-This will be something we figure out before we get into the hybrid setting.  It is hard to tell right now exactly how this will work.


Q-Can kids use their own personal laptop or do we need to check out a school device?

A-Yes, students can use their own devices (iPad, chromebook, or laptop).


Q-Will Town Hall meetings be available after the meeting?

A-Yes, we will post to our website by the following Monday.


Q-Is everyone enrolled in hybrid, unless they selected Fox Online?



Q-Are parents going to get some sort of training about Edgenuity and Canvas

A-Yes, we will offer some trainings, and there is also a great resource for parents on Edgenuity online @